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18 ноября 2011

Умер Томми Дженвинг - основатель Supra

С прискорбием сообщаем, что основатель компании Jenving, владеющей брендом Supra Cables, Томми Дженвинг скончался 11 ноября 2011 года. Компания скорбит и заверяет о сохранении приверженности идеям основателя в будущем.

Официальный пресс-релиз компании:

Tommy Jenving 1945-2011 Tommy Jenving, founder and CEO of Supra Cables, passed on November 10th 2011.

Tommy was an innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur with a big heart and a sharp mind. He was not only a popular businessman with a high profile in the Hi-Fi/Hi End industry, but also a good husband, father and friend. Tommy always enjoyed making his own designs and figuring out technical problems and solutions. Many great ideas and innovations over the years have come from him.

Tommy's philosophy was to make "No Nonsense" design products, with the highest possible quality in cables, connectors and materials, combined with creative ideas and patented inventions.

Tommy founded SUPRA Cables that has been in production as high quality cables for over 35 years, effectively kicking off the global cable revolution in 1976. In competition with many far more expensive products and brands, SUPRA products have won an impressive number of awards around the world.

The Hi-Fi press often speak about SUPRA products in terms of "Value-for-Money" High-End products. Before his first product, SUPRA Classic 2.5 Speaker Cable, there were no dedicated 'speaker' cables, just cables. Since SUPRA Classic 2.5 was introduced, there have been many developments from SUPRA including; Nylon screen, Supra BANANA, Supra FORK, Supra SWIFT XLR, Supra PLY, Supra EFF-I, Supra LORAD, proof of the directionality of cables, Supra SWORD, a world record length of Supra HDMI cables, angled HDMI connectors, Supra HDMI extenders and much, much more. Tommy's most recent designs include Supra CAT 7plus+ network cable, Supra Quadrax speaker cables, and Supra USB cables - are all in the industry vanguard.

Tommy Jenving Tommy Jenving's Lifetime Achievement for Hi-Fi and Hi End Tommy had with his expertise and commitment made his SUPRA Cables famous and he won many awards worldwide. In Sweden, Tommy received the award of "The Entrepreneur of the Year 2003". Then he received the "Arken Award 2008 for Lifetime Achievement" for his outstanding involvment in the Swedish Hi-Fi & Hi End industry for the past 30 years. And in 2009 Tommy was selected as "Sweden's Greatest Hi-Fi Personality" for his invaluable efforts in promoting Hi-Fi & Music.

Tommy Jenving was the "father" of loudspeaker cables, a genius, a great inventor and innovator, a legend, and a giant in the Hi-fi & Hi End industry. Tommy Jenving will forever be remembered throughout the world, and he will always live in our heart and minds.

Jenving Technology AB, SUPRA Cables and his business will continue in Tommy's spirit. We know Tommy wished his life's work to continue and to be developed further. We will ever strive to make him proud. Компания Supra Cables после смерти основателя провела закрытую продажу акций среди остальных акционеров компании и теперь управление компанией Supra Cables будет осуществляться наблюдательным советом компании.